Chuck Chequers and hog the headlines with alliteration

Readers of my books will know that the sound of words, like simple alliteration, can often play an important part in the the effectiveness of rhetoric - as when the then new prime minister Tony Blair spoke of "the people's princess" a few hours after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Compared with Blair and David Cameron, Mr Johnson is far from being the great speaker he is thought to be by his brexit fans, who seem to have conveniently forgotten what a late convert he was to that particular cause.

But expect to see "chuck Chequers" quoted on all tonights new programmes and tomorrow's newspapers and/or see what the Belfast Telegraph an ITN have already made of it.

Image result for still picture boris johnson speech 20018 tory conference


ITV Report 2 October 2018 at 1:01pm:

Boris Johnson calls for Government to 'chuck Chequers' in speech to Conservative Party Conference

Leaving the EU on the terms of the Chequers plan would be a "mistake" and would be the "perfect" way for the UK to return to the EU, Boris Johnson has said in an eagerly-anticipated speech at the Tory conference in which he told the audience to "chuck Chequers".......

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