Woman has baby and another Oxford graduate becomes PM

Regular readers of Private Eye have been eagerly awaiting the result of a referendum announced in edition a few weeks ago.

Published in July 2013 (above), it marked the news that the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth to Prince George.

Regular readers of this will know why I've juxtaposed "woman has baby" with "Oxford graduate becomes prime minister" - because neither event was a newsworthy surprise either in 2013 or 2019.

My last post began: "10 of the 14 (71%) UK prime ministers between 1945 and 2019 were educated at Oxford University. One, Gordon Brown, was educated at university in Scotland. None graduated from Cambridge, Durham, Manchester, or any other English university."

The arrival of Boris Johnson (B.A., Oxon.) at 10, Downing Street increases Oxford's score to 11 out of 15 (73%).

Although Johnson is an old Etonian and past president of the Oxford Union debating society
I'm not convinced he's anywhere near as good as Blair or Thatcher, not least because they both genuinely believed in what they were saying and thought that what they were doing would benefit the  country as a whole, rather than their own personal ambitions.

I don't deny that Johnson is a master of PR, but it's time to BEWARE: he's just started using social

Could it be because his hero President Trump has successfully exploited Twitter that Johnson has just started to use Facebook???

For the last few days, the mainstream media is citing this as evidence that Johnson's government is already planning for an early general election.

Other announcements like his latest promises to spend £billions of tax-payers' money building new prisons, making it easier for police officers to stop-and-search, etc., etc. confirm that we have extreme right wingers in charge who believe that voters will be taken in by their barmy rantings.

Come back Theresa May, all is forgiven...

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  1. News today on the glorious 12th has yet more reports of Johnson making promises that based on false assumptions. Meanwhile arch-brexiter Farage is in Australia, from where he feels free to insult members of the royal family.

    Wy we have to put up with all this escapes me, as does the BBC's insistence on reporting such garbage from near and far....


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