PM wants to "build a new Jerusalem"

Listening to Boris Johnson's leader's speech at the Tory party conference today meant that you had to put up with an elementary guide to rhetoric for beginners and a mass of corny old clich├ęs

Behind him was the 3 parted alliterative multi-coloured slogan: BUILD BACK BETTER

Johnson also want's to "build a new Jerusalem" and, if you think it's going to echo William Blake (i.e. do it in England's 'green and pleasant land') the speech claimed that he's discovered green energy too!

Even The Guardian seems to have been quiteimpressed: 

"Boris Johnson has said in his speech to the Conservative party conference that Britain must not return to the status quo after the coronavirus pandemic, promising a transformation akin to the 'New Jerusalem' the postwar cabinet pledged in 1945. The prime minister also mounted a robust defence of the private sector, saying 'free enterprise' must lead the recovery and that he intended to significantly roll back the extraordinary state intervention that the crisis had necessitated."

What I'd like to know is who writes this kind of garbage? 

After all, every Tory's heroine Margaret Thatcher took the business of speaking rather more seriously, she relied on some brilliant writers and she rehearsed. Does Johnson think that, as a former president of the Oxford Union debating society, he doesn't need to bother?


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