We who went to Guy Fawkes's old school

  • Guy Fawkes was caught trying to blow up Westminster Palace on November 5

    He was born on April 13th 1570 in Stonegate in York, and was educated at St. Peter's School in York, preferring to be called Guido Fawkes

    My brother and I, as too did some of Guido's colleagues in in the plot, went to the same school.

    When we were there, this local (and rather ancient) history was used as convenient excuse for not allowing us anywhere near a bonfire or fireworks - after all, it was "bad form" to burn an old boy of the school.

    Many years and many headmasters later, the policy changed dramatically. Nowadays old boys get  annual invitations to attend the school's bonfire celebrations!

    But did I know him?

    On 5th November a few years ago, when my wife was listening to primary school pupils reading, she said to one little boy: "My husband went to the same school as Guy Fawkes."

    Obviously impressed, he replied: "Did he know him?"

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