18 January 2013

Lance Armstrong's 'straight' answers to Oprah's Yes/No questions

Having never previously seen any Oprah Winfrey interviews, I've no idea whether her interviewees have to agree beforehand to answer any "Yes/No" questions she might ask with a straight "Yes" or "No".

But that's what disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong did in this sequence from his interview with her.

Whether or not it was not the way she had expected him to confess, as she'd said in her trailers for the show, I do not know. I do know, however, that to my English ears, such apparently straight answers to a series of "Yes/No" questions definitely qualifies it for a place my collection of unusual TV interviews.

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  • 1 comment:

    Emma said...

    I think he is a guy that needs some kind of help! Lying for over ten years, and then it seems when it did come out he still carried on lying. When the game is up it is up! First he should never have doped, but when it all came out in such public circumstances, he should have held his arms up and given up. Now he just looks like a cheat, a liar and someone that shows no remorse.

    Sad, as he was one of my idols.