Non-verbal communication

Here's another cartoon on non-verbal communication (others can be seen HERE & HERE):


Feel The Happiness Of Life said...

non verbal comunication show above is a very effective way of communicating .It functions as a complement while talking to others and also using the hands plus facial expression while talking gives examples which makes the understanding very easy so it is important using non verbal communication.

Feel The Happiness Of Life said...

Non verbal communication has various forms like
1.Eye contact
2.gesture and postures
3.Facial expressions
4.Appearance of people
and many more.
so we have to make these all source so efficient so that while communicating with others we can make others understand while in a single talk.
thank you

K,Balaji-DMS said...

Non-verbal communication (NVC) can also be communicated using symbols, hand-signs, touch, pictures, emoticons and also through dance. Handwriting skills, voice quality and vocalization are some of the NVC elements present in Written and Oral communication.

K.Balaji-DMS said...

NVC is very vital while giving speeches, presentations, while talking to someone, etc. In my class my friends used to make ppts and conduct presentations. I'm very weak in body-language and I'm using their presentations as a lesson to build up my body-language.