Televised interviews and political communication

If you’re a new reader of this blog and are interested in the problems associated with the growing importance of interviews as the major form of political communication in the UK, there are a number of posts, both serious and not so serious that you might like to catch up on.

They include the following, most of which are illustrated by short video clips:

Why it’s so easy for politicians not to answer questions - and what should be done about it
Interview techniques, politicians and how we judge them
Gordon Brown’s interview technique: the tip of a tedious iceberg
Why has Gordon Brown become a regular on the Today programme?
A prime minister who openly refused to answer an interviewer’s question
A Tory leader’s three evasive answers to the same question
A Labour leader with no interest in spin
Politician answers a question: an exception that proves the rule

And here’s another classic from the early 1980s BBC series Not the Nine o’clock News:

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